From 23/Oct/2015

CI, new website. Lots of new functions in a renewed graphic layout

The new CI website is now online, completely renewed in terms of graphics, contents and ability to convey information, and characterised by a modern and eye-catching layout that draws upon and enhances the values and colours of the brand.  The new website was designed to be totally user-friendly, and allows easy and pleasant surfing by taking advantage of the latest responsive design technologies which, by recognising the device used to access the website, adapt themselves for optimal use (therefore even from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets). Moreover, the new website was upgraded to make it more accessible and usable from any navigation platform. And there is more. The website has been registered in each country with the nation reference domain, in other words: .it in Italy, .fr in France, .se in Sweden, and so on for all European countries (with more than 20 European domains and just as many websites!). Clearer, simpler and more useful. Here is a brief overview of the most significant changes that have been implemented with a view to improve navigation, the information acquisition process and, generally speaking, the experience of users who access the CI world.  

From the new home page, visitors can now access directly the most important sections, for instant viewing of the contents. The main menu, which remains visible during the navigation, is always in the forefront and, thanks to the two separate sections (PRODUCTS and RANGE), allows direct access to the product. A second menu at the top of the page groups together additional contents, such as news and events, or allows visitors to use functions such as “compare” or “configurator”. On the home page, the NEWS and EVENTS sections stand out: both sections are constantly updated. In the footer of the page, the newsletter registration, the contacts page and the materials Download area are always visible.

The search phase has been improved. Clear and simple products to choose from. The product can be accessed directly from the home page, specifically from the Products (allows access to models subdivided by type, in other words overcab, low profile, elevating bed, motorhome, van) and Range (models subdivided by brand and, within each brand, by type) menus. This results in a user-friendly and comprehensive navigation: since the very first “contact” with the product, the user is facilitated in the information acquisition process. Each model is immediately presented through the layout, which is clear and fully visible from mobile devices as well, the certified number of seats and berths. By clicking on the layout, you can then access the specifications of each model. Indeed, thanks to the scroll function, all information pertaining to the requested product is available on a single page: layout, number of seats and mechanics, description and advantages, photographic gallery, in-depth area with: product video, upholstery, download of catalogues, technical data.

Once chosen your model, it is necessary to find your dealer, nothing more simple ! The sales can be consulted through Google Maps, by making available the geo-localization function. This means that users who consent to letting their position be known, by selecting their favourite dealer or the dealer nearest to them, can obtain, by simply clicking on the map, specifically on the “directions” red tab, useful information on how to reach the selected dealer.

The website is constantly being updated, which means that additional functions will be available in the upcoming weeks. The world CI in a click. All the news in real time, special events and much more. Go online now and enjoy an on-line word of CI.

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