From 05/Nov/2015

CI presents the Monthly Product: Sinfonia 65 XT

Magnifico, a harmonious ensemble where the concept of experiencing the camper finds highly prestigious and stylish solutions. In a prefect ensemble of elegance and technology CI chooses the Monthly Product: Sinfonia 65 XT, a motorcaravan for exacting travellers used to seeking top-of-the-range comfort.

Sinfonia 65 XT, a model with drop down bed and a length of 7430 mm, on Fiat Ducato chassis, 5 homologated seats, up to 6 berths, offers a strong personality and innovations thanks to Preciousness in the living and night area,  prestigious standard equipment, advanced technology, excellence. A line with a strong personality and innovation.

Sinfonia 65 XT stands out for luxury and comfort: living area with ergonomic cushions and  laminate table with LED frame, faux leather panels, advanced LED lights, L-shaped kitchen with big drawers, storage in the floor, large central bed, separate toilet with central washbasin, maxi garage for scooters, height-adjustable thanks to the FlexSpace system.

And even more value for your Sinfonia 65 XT L ! CI offers All-inclusive solutions, that is a full and exclusive standard equipment with clima and electric mirrors, double airbag and cruise control, integrated antenna and radio provision, speakers, USB connection, entrance door with fixed window and flyscreen, closing points door with central locking, seat covers, Seitz windows, panoramic roof, cab blind, 120 W solar panel.

Sinfonia 65 XT  offers furthermore an exclusive Coffee Corner, Lavazza pod espresso machine concealed in the kitchen area.  220-V inverter to recharge any device just like at home, and an innovative Parking System with rear camera, reversing camera, 4 parking sensors built into the bumper, 2 parking sensors in the upper part for obstacles outside the range of the reversing camera, in order to have Maximum rear visibility for added safety during manoeuvres.

For a better comfort in case of winter tourism the new Winter Pack, standard on Sinfonia  range, is available. it includes drain water tank heating + insulation, outside water drain pipe heating, single insulated step, wheel arch insulation, heated pipes, insulated cab curtain, increased  heating to 6KW and CP Plus remote control. 

Only with Sinfonia 65 XT  you can have  6 years warranty thanks to ExPS System : the technology for building of the living body, applied to walls, roof and floor, which guarantees the highest protection for your motorcaravan. And even more, The “Breathe” project promotes the study of air distribution inside a motorcaravan promoting circulation, rendering the temperature and avoiding the formation of condensation.

Discover Sinfonia 65 XT by our dealers !

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