From 02/Sep/2016

CI: New Triaca 32 XT


“Open space” layout: maximum room that can be used.

 Ergonomic and volumetric design of the interiors and of furniture at the service of high habitability.

 The living quarters were designed based on the concept of “functional flexibility”, where all elements can be transformed: table, bed, sofa.

 A sofa that converts into a double bed through a manual, simple and fast lifting mechanism.

 The use of innovative materials, with tops made of resin and nanotechnology (Fenix): hygienic and antibacterial, mould-proof, waterproof and resistant to heat, easy to repair in case of scratches, resistant to use.

 “Home” performance. Refrigerator with compressor and 165-l capacity, performance similar to a regular home refrigerator and freezer: quick cooling, internal temperature kept constant even in case of high outdoor temperature, low energy consumption and noise level.

 The colours of the interiors and the material finishes play on trendy light tones, making the entire motorcaravan brighter and more cheerful.


A “real” double floor that offers:

  • More stowage space and excellent access thanks to two side doors
  • Stowage capacity for long objects, tables and chairs
  • The installations are located in the space created by the double floor (fresh and drain water tanks)
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Higher structural rigidity


LEAN BUS technology that allows “domotic-type” management of the utilities through a single connection that handles all electrical systems, to ensure better performance.

This technology makes it possible to manage utilities through a smartphone in Wi-Fi mode: turning on and off the lights, turning on and off the water pump, displaying the charge status of the batteries, displaying the levels of tanks.

Smart technology: automatic turning on and off of indoor and outdoor lights when the living quarters’ door is opened.

“Energy Saving” control unit that allows constant monitoring of consumption to optimise the available resources and residual autonomy. The control unit supplies the “right amount” of energy based on the requested consumption and the battery charge status, for example by dimming the lights.

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